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Item #: DK-LD200
Our Price: $21.50


  • Double needle stitching at side, yoke and seat seam
  • Double multi-use patch pockets
  • Heavy duty brass zipper
  • Double knees with openings for knee pads
  • 7 keystone belt loops add strength, prevent bunching
  • Garment washed all-cotton for comfort
  • Industrial laundry-friendly means no metal rivets, adhesive strips or paper tags
  • 14 oz. heavyweight denim, 100% cotton

Strength and comfort make these Industrial Workhorse Denim Jeans perfect for people who need to work hard for long periods of time. These jeans stand up to the labor intensity you need them to, while keeping you comfortable. It is all because of the double needle stitching on the sides, yoke, and seat. Since these are the points of most resistance as people move, Dickie made them stronger for you.

In addition to double stitching, there is a heavy-duty brass zipper and 7 keystone belt loops. This not only keeps the jeans fastened securely through hundreds of washes, but it also keeps the jeans from bunching. This comes as a major relief to most of our customers. Comfort and safety are some of Dickies’ biggest concerns. This is why they have incorporated openings for kneepads. Working on the knees has never been easier and more comfortable, especially when you do not have to worry about those pads falling out.

Industrial laundering is no match for these jeans. With their reinforcements, you will have jeans that look and feel just as they did when you first bought them. These jeans will be with you for years, not months like other jeans.

These Industrial Double Knee Jeans are not only functional, but they are also stylish. They are professional enough for working in front of customers to make a company proud.

Dickies succeeded when they designed the perfect pair of denim jeans for hard workers. Their strength, comfort, and safety features make it possible for everyone to be productive, safe, and comfortable no matter the job they are doing.

Buy Industrial Double Workhorse Denim Jeans, also known as Double Knee Jeans, online today with Contractor’s Solutions. Bulk orders are accepted making it perfect to use these jeans as part of a uniform.

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