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FR work pants
Price: $125.00
Blaklader FR pants will withstand the most aggressive jobs and keep you protected on heavy duty work sites.
Walls® Flame Resistant Button-Down Chambray Work Shirt
Price: $49.00
Walls® Flame Resistant Button-Down Work Shirt
Price: $49.00
You work hard and need protection from the possibility of flames on your job site. We've got you covered. Walls FR. Up your game a level with this Button-Down Work Shirt. It’ll keep you protected and in style.
Walls® Flame Resistant Plaid Workshirt
Price: $54.00
Made of tough cotton twill, this shirt is 2112 UL certified and HRC Level 2 rated. So it’s ready for whatever your job throws at you.
Walls® Flame Resistant Denim Jeans
Price: $48.00
Pull on a pair of these heavy, 100% cotton flame-resistant denim jeans, and you know you have a job that means something.4 oz. 100% Cotton FR Denim
Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Twill Button-Down Shirt
Price: $54.00
9 oz. Twill, 88% Cotton/12% Nylon. Chest pocket pencil division, UL-Certified NFPA 2112 Meets NFPA 70E Requirements
Electra FR Rain Coat
Price: $117.00
ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 Compliant Rain Coat for High Visibility Conforms to ASTM F1891 for Arc Thermal Performance This FR rain coat is also flame resistant tested, to ensure the highest levels of safety
Hi Vis Raincoat
Price: $54.00
High visibility, Flame Risistant, this FR coat is loaded with special features. ASTM D6413 tested Self extinguishing with flameout and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of ignition source. ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 Compliant Rain Coat
Comfort-Brite FR Hi Vis Bib Overalls
Price: $20.00
With these hi vis overalls, there is no reason that you can’t be comfortable and extremely safe while working. These overalls are stitched in a way that allows you maximum leg movements as you work, allowing you to work the most rugged of tasks
Comfort-Brite FR Hi Vis Rain Jacket
Price: $45.00
This hi vis jacket keeps true to its name as a trusted way to stay safe and comfortable at the same time on the job. The yellow-green or safety orange-red color choices paired up with the 2 inch silver reflective tape make for great visibility.
Electra Arc Resistant High Visibility Overalls
Price: $66.00
The thermal performance on these high visibility overalls makes them an excellent choice for colder workdays outside in the elements. They’re also 100 percent waterproof and mildew resistant. They’re a rugged, long-lasting choice that is sure to ....
Electra Arc Resistant Rain Jacket
Price: $99.50
Flame Resistant • ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 Compliant Rain Jacket for High Visibility, Lime or Orange • Conforms to ASTM F1891 for Arc Thermal Performance
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At Contractor’s Solutions, we carry a variety of FR Clothes to suit all of your Flame Resistant Clothing  needs. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can find the flame resistant work wear you’re looking for in our wide selection of pants, shirts, and outerwear.
Flame Resistant Clothing is useful, and often required in many industries where there is a high risk of fire. These industries include oil and gas drilling, electric utilities, and many others. The most severe burn-related injuries in these environments are often made worse by clothing that still burns while on the wearer. FR clothing will not ignite or burn, making burns and injuries much less severe for the wearer.
Our FR clothing options include traditional work wear—i.e. pants and shirts—along with high visibility outerwear, including raincoats, vests, and overalls. These products are suitable for industries that require both flame resistantcClothing  and heightened visibility. 
High-visibility FR clothing from Electra and Comfort-Brite offers resistance to flash flames and electric arc hazards. All of these items have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they will not ignite and burn. Many of these items are also waterproof, making them perfect for working in hazardous weather.
Our traditional work wear offerings include pants and shirts in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Plaid and solid shirts from Dickies offer both flame resistance and a comfortable shirt for working. These shirts are flame resistant and arc resistant, making them a perfect layer for workers in a number of industries.
We also offer work pants from Dickies in several different colors and materials. Carpenter jeans and twill pants both offer fire retardant qualities and a wide range of motion for working. We also offer work pants from Blaklader that include cargo pockets and other utilities.
We offer a wide variety of FR clothing, from shirts and pants to raincoats and overalls. Each of our fire resistant offerings provides safety and peace of mind to its wearer. Employers and employees alike will appreciate the benefits of flame resistant work wear.

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