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1/4 Zip Pullover Sweatshirt
Price: $35.00
Features a durable 100% woven cotton fabric, so you can be sure that your clothing will fight against the cold as much as against normal wear and tear.
Class 3 High Visibility Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Price: $20.00
Are you just looking for a light, added layer for comfort on the job? The Class 3 High Visibility Crew Neck Sweatshirt from Tingley may be the right choice for you. It’s a simple, but comfortable choice, and available in a fluorescent yellow-green or
Hi vis hooded sweatshirt
Price: $42.00
High visibility sweatshirts are constructed of a comfortable high density polyester material. Tingley’s Job Sight products make ANSI 107 compliance for high visibility apparel easy.
Hooded Sweatshirts
A practical assortment of durable, comfortable hooded sweatshirts to keep you warm while you work.
Original Fleece Pullover - Thermal Lined
Price: $14.00

Sizes Limited
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We’re proud of every piece of clothing we offer at Contractor’s Solutions, and that goes for our wide array of sweatshirts as well. You might think, “A sweatshirt is a sweatshirt,” but that’s not really the case. Sweatshirts come in a lot of varieties, and that means you can get exactly the one that meets your needs.

What are you looking for? Something made with fleece and thermal lining? A sweatshirt with a hood — or without one? How about a shirt that’s created with high-visibility colors and reflective tape for safety when you’re working after dark? Do you need a shirt that zips up or one that pulls over your head? We offer all of these and more in our line of sweatshirts. Take a look—


  •  Sweatshirts without hoods
    •  Quarter Zip Pullover Sweatshirt from BlakLader (100% cotton with a sturdy zipper that runs approximately one-quarter of the way down the shirt’s front)
    •  Original Fleece Quarter Zip Sweatshirt by Berne (cotton/poly blend with snug knit cuffs to keep out the cold)
    •  Class 3 High Visibility Crew Neck Sweatshirt from Tingley (fluorescent colors and reflective tape in a pullover design)

  •  Hooded sweatshirts
    •  Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt by BlakLader (made of 100% cotton with a durable full zipper on the front and knit cuffs)
    • Class 3 High Visibility Hooded Sweatshirt from Tingley (same features as Tingley’s crew neck designs but with a hood for added warmth and visibility)
    • Original Fleece Hooded Pullover, thermal lined, from Berne (straightforward and simple, relaxed fit sweatshirt with raglan sleeves)
    • Hi-Vis Hooded Sweatshirt from Berne (featuring large front pockets and knit cuffs as well as fluorescent colors and reflective tape)
    • Quarter-Zip Hooded Pullover, thermal lined, from Berne (featuring a relaxed fit, a thermal lining, and raglan sleeves)
    • Sherpa Lined Hooded Sweatshirt by Berne (featuring brass rivets, double-stitched main seams, large front pockets, and more)

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