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A Series Bumper Cranes for Pickup Trucks
With the addition of an A-Series Bumper Crane, your pickup is transformed into a real work truck without losing any valuable bed space or existing function of your vehicle. When the crane is in the stored position everyone will be amazed that you have anything more than a great looking heavy duty rear bumper. Within seconds your Bumper Crane is ready to swing into action to lift those cumbersome loads.
S Series Bumper cranes for Utility Trucks
The S-Series Bumper Crane is the answer to your handling, loading and unloading chores without sacrificing valuable bed space. Your Service Body, Flatbed, Cube or Sprinter Van will have the tool you need for your demanding work load. From the S-1350 all the way up to the 2500 lb. capacity S-2500, you can turn your vehicle into a real work truck!
Bumper Cranes for Commercial Trucks
The U-Series Cranes have been designed in conjunction with utility companies, specifically for their demanding job-specific needs. The U-Series features standard items that are optional in other series. Unique to the U-Series models are the two Grip Strut Steps that provide for safe, secure footing when accessing the rear bed area of the truck

Our Fold-A-Way Bumper Cranes are undoubtedly a unique design that only Western Mule can offer to you. Bumper Cranes with built in features like a Class III or IV receiver hitch, fold-down steps, and vice mounts and other optional features such as a winching block or Confined Space Rescue System. It is obvious that a Bumper Crane does more than just lift back-breaking loads. For a heavy duty and convenient approach, choose a Western Mule Bumper Crane

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BUMPER CRANES Standard Features: