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truck crane rotation lock
Price: $314.00
FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! A positive locking device for securing the boom at 12-fixed points of rotation while operating the crane.
truck crane rotation stops
Price: $114.00
FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! For limiting rotation of the boom. Stops will be strategically placed to prevent contact of the load with the inner or outer walls of the vehicle.
bumper crane aluminum cover
Price: $300.00
ALUMINUM COVER: A two-piece Aluminum Diamond Plate Cover, with a continuous stainless steel hinge attached with stainless steel rivets and magnetic latch to secure the cover when closed.
bumper crane lower enclosure
Price: $299.00
LOWER ENCLOSURE: FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! A three-piece factory installed aluminum protective cover for the bottom side of the bumper. (This cover is beneficial in adverse climatic conditions. The cover will help in keeping the unit clean and free of mud, dirt, snow, etc.
bumper crane tail lights
Price: $145.00
FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! The L.E.D. tail lights shall be sealed beam combination stop/tail/turn lights, flush mounted in a heavy duty rubber shock mount. Pre-wired into the bumper.
bumper crane back-up lights
Price: $159.00
The L.E.D. backup lights shall be sealed beam lights, flush mounted in a heavy duty rubber shock mount. The bulb shall be rated at a min. of 32 candlepower. Pre-wired into the bumper.
bumper crane back-up lights
Price: $145.00
Three (3) L.E.D. sealed beam lights flush mounted in a heavy duty rubber grommet in the upper center of the bumper
bumper crane outrigger
Price: $285.00
FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! Optional Left Side Swing Down Outrigger for light duty vehicles and vans, to add increased stability to the vehicle. Western Mule A, S, & V Series Cranes are already equipped with factory installed Right Side Swing Down Outriggers as standard equipment.
truck crane remote control
Price: $112.00
This is a Replacement 20' Hand Held Pendant Control. (Standard 10' Pendant included with crane)
truck crane remote control
Price: $435.00
Compact, water resistant & equipped with a belt clip. A fifty foot range and a long battery life provide you with the freedom to move about while not being tethered to the crane.
truck crane fall arrest
Price: $55.00
Attachment point required for suspending a personnel fall arresting device. (Required when being used as a Man-Lift)
truck bumper vise mount
Price: $419.00
FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! A Swivel Vise Mount integrated into the rear corner of the bumper. (Available for most S-Series Cranes. Vise not included)
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truck bumper vise mount
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