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We Know Work wear.

We've been making professional workwear since 1959. Today Blaklader is one of Sweden's leading producers of heavy work clothes.

Our goal is to manufacture work apparel & work gear that make your work more comfortable, easier and safer. Clothing that can take a beating. We regularly test our raw materials to ensure excellent quality at all times. Our lab tests wear and tear, rip and pull resistance, colorfastness and shrinkage. We are certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. This means that we are constantly working to be as gentle on the environment as possible.

Every pocket, seam, button and fabric must be a beacon of functionality.

With our own manufacturing and product development, we can guarantee function and quality down to the tiniest detail. Each garment is specially designed to meet the needs of every specific profession in terms of function and design. The right materials and the right pockets give you more safety and efficiency in your work. To make our work clothes last longer, we buy fabrics, threads and zips from the world's foremost suppliers. Having our own production gives us better control of quality. Some one million garments leave our factories each year.


Lifetime warranty on the stitches.

Blaklader is the only apparel manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on its seams. Professional staff and modern equipment make this warranty possible. If a seam splits, as long as it has not been torn by sharp edges or tools, we will repair or replace the garment. We consider a garment's life span to be up until it has holes worn in it or is otherwise no longer useful.

Blaklader workwear
Blaklader Heavy Work Pant w/Utilty Pockets

tool vest
Blaklader Roughneck Kangaroo Vest

heavy work jacket
Blaklader Heavy Worker Lined Jacket

painters pants

Painters Pants

work jeans

Work Jeans

high visibility clothing

light duty knee pads
Blaklader Light Duty Knee pads

Blaklader workwear

heavy worker shorts
Heavy Worker Shorts with Utility Pockets


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