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material handling carts
Price: $439.00
Telpro 1361 Troll Material Handling Carts are more than just drywall carts. They are truly multi-purpose.
drywall cart
Price: $464.00
Telpro 1814 Troll Drywall Cart is similar to the 1361, but a larger model
material cart bridge
Price: $445.00
Telpro Troll Bridge joins two 1361 material carts or two 1270 Troll material carts, push cart
drywall cart
Price: $392.00
Model DC 3000 EX with steel casters
Nu-Wave Drywall Carts
Nu-Wave Mfg. now makes Perry Drywall Carts
platform hand truck
Price: $129.00
Steel platform truck includes a fold-down handle for convenient storage. Handle includes unique fold-up storage pocket for tools, picking slips, or whatever the application requires.
PD1 drywall cart
Price: $261.00
Identical to Perry Drywall Cart
PD2 drywall cart
Price: $259.00
Identical to Perry Drywall Cart
PD3 drywall cart
Price: $293.00
Identical to Perry Drywall Cart
PD4 drywall cart
Price: $325.00
Identical to Perry
A frame material cart
Price: $329.00
If you need to move bulky sheets of material such as drywall, plywood, paneling or sheets of metal, you need the heavy duty A-Frame Cart.
drywall panel cart
Price: $364.00
Versatile cart for moving drywall, wood and other types of panel products. 3,000lb Capacity
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