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Doorminator door handler
Price: $675.00
Telpro Doorminator for lifting & handling heavy doors
platform lift truck
1000-pound capacity - Lift heights of 60", 70", and 80" - Oversized hand winch for ease of use and years of trouble-free operation
door dolly
Price: $1,240.00
Telpro Doorminator for lifting & handling heavy doors
debris chute
Our designs have been perfected to provide you with the right tool for debris removal. Ideal for Builders, Roofers, Scaffolders, Masons, Demo Contractors, Supply Houses, Rental Stores, and Renovators.
drywall lift
Price: $775.00
The 138-2 is a cable drive drywall lift that goes to 11 feet. Works on walls, flat ceilings and cathedrals.
material cart bridge
Price: $445.00
Telpro Troll Bridge joins two 1361 material carts or two 1270 Troll material carts, push cart
material handling carts
Price: $398.00
Telpro 1361 Troll Material Handling Carts are more than just drywall carts. They are truly multi-purpose.
drywall lift extension
Price: $28.99
Telpro Panel Lift Extension 18" adds 18 inches to the height of your TelPro drwall lift. For drywall wallboard
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