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floor staddle crane
Price: $1,315.00
With a lift height of 100", while weighing only 200 pounds, the B-1000 is built for the most demanding of environments.
portable truck crane
Price: $2,949.00
FOR VEHICLES & PLATFORM MOUNTING - 12V-DC Powered, Circuit Breaker Protected
portable van crane
Price: $1,949.00
700 lbs. Max. Lifting Capacity, 43'" Reach - Portable Design allows the crane to be utilized in multiple locations
straddle floor crane
Price: $3,400.00
With a lift height of 98", while weighing only 425 pounds, the B-2000 is built for the most demanding of environments.
shop crane
Price: $285.00
Portable units are designed for easy mobility with two rigid and two swivel casters. Choose either foldable-leg or telescopic-leg design.
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Price: $240.00

Extra Mounting Base for the Western Mule P10 Crane

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Price: $189.00
2000 lb Maximum Lifting Capacity, 12V DC powered, up/down with internal braking
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Price: $54.00
This is an UPGRADE for when purchasing a Western Mule Crane
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Price: $184.00
Custom Height Pedestal Option for M2000 - Specify Height
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