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A commercial work van is more than just a mode of transportation. It is also a storage unit, a work shop, and a supply bin. So it is important to maximize space and organize equipment for a well-functioning, highly-efficient work mobile. Contractor’s Solutions provides an array of van equipment options to help you consolidate and manage your workspace.

  • Shelving—All welded shelving units come in three sizes to fit any commercial van, including 42 inch, 74 inch, and 84 inch. They feature traditional shelves as well as cabinet type shelving with doors. They are coated with a hard scratch and chip resistant powder coating, and they are contoured to fit the curved walls of a van.
  • Cabinets—These two, three, and four-drawer cabinets feature heavy-duty ball bearing sliders for quick and easy access. Each drawer has its own latch and catch for increased security. Extra-long cabinet units are also available. Contractor’s Solutions even has a pivot drawer cabinet that does just that—pivots for added convenience.
  • Racks—These refrigerant tank racks can hold three or four tanks, depending on the size you choose. The 14-gauge steel frame features sloped cradles and nylon retention straps to keep the tanks securely in place.

These innovative solutions create a safe work environment, especially as you drive from job site to job site. Tool boxes can tip over and open, spilling their contents all over the van floor. Tanks can get knocked over and roll about the back of the van. And loose items can fly about, distracting a driver and possibly causing injury. With the variety of van equipment offered by Contractor’s Solutions, you can roll out in safety.

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Tradesman Service Van Shelving Package
Price: $1,209.00
Includes a partition with wing kit, or bulkhead, and shelving units, 2 drawer cabinets, Binder Holder and more!
Drawer Cabinets for Commercial Vans
Price: $106.00
Great for storing all of your professional tools and gadgets.
portable van crane
Price: $1,725.00
700 lbs. Max. Lifting Capacity, 43'" Reach - Portable Design allows the crane to be utilized in multiple locations
van jib crane
Price: $515.00
Lift items from ground to van floor height then rotate cargo into area. Hand Winch or DC Electric models available
Hanging 3 Tote Holder
Price: $159.00
These durable plastic totes fit securely on all Kargo Master Shelving Units in their very own hanging tote holder. Creates additional organized storage space that would’ve otherwise been wasted
Plastic Drawer Bin With Dividers
Price: $10.00
Plastic Tote With 9 Small and 6 Large Bins
Price: $51.00
Plastic Tote With Shoulder Strap 6″ W x 12″ H x 13.5″ D With 9 Small and 6 Large Clip-On & Go Small Parts Bins
Plastic Tote with 6 Compartment & 8 Small Bins
Price: $29.00
Plastic Tote 15.3″ W x 2.5″ H x 13.3″ D With 6 Compartments and 8 Clip-On & Go Small Parts Bins
Aluminum Feather-Lite Adjustable Van Shelving
Price: $319.00
Feather-Lite shelf units are built with extruded aluminum support rails, strong, impact resistant fiberglass reinforced (top and bottom) polypropylene honeycomb shelves and flanged aluminum sides included rubber shelf mats keep your tools and supplies from sliding around.
Compact Van Aluminum Partition
Price: $250.00
The Kargo Master Aluminum Van Partition Kit provides security for the cargo area and protects your valuable tools and parts
Aluminum Van Shelving Door Kit
Price: $65.00
These industrial-grade door kit units prevent items from falling off of the shelving units during transit and keep your van interior neat and organized
401AL Deluxe Aluminum Van Shelving LWB Package
Price: $960.00
Feather-Lite Aluminum Commercial Van Package Includes Van Partition, 62 Inch Shelving, 32 inch shelving and Plastic Bins
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EZ Adjustable Van Shelving
Choose Model
Price: $175.00
Van Bulkhead Partition
Chosse Part #
Price: $193.00