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Item #: TP-1101
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Model 1101 is 19" Wide

Model 1101-22 is 22" Wide

The adjustable work platform / scaffolding without the hassles...

Just CRANK it up to raise!

cabinet lifts made in USA

Made in USA

The TELE-TOWER® Adjustable Work Platform Model 1101 is completely versatile scaffolding. Once assembled the unit can be adjusted to working heights simply by cranking the winch - no wasted time setting up, adjusting, and tearing down scaffolding. Raise and lower the work platform from 2’ to 11’ (approx. 18’ working heights). For elevations below 6’ simply mount the deck on the lower rungs. The Safety Lock Pins lock in every 6” to secure the work platform. To reach from 12.5’ - 17.5’ (approx. 24’ working heights) use the optional Extension 1177.

See it in action below

  • Manually operated winch means no expensive, troublesome electric or hydraulic components
  • Two workers can work side by side on the Tele-Tower® scaffold.
  • Outriggers can easily slide in when working next to a wall or when you need to move around obstacles.
  • Add the OPTIONAL Extension Model 1177 This optional extension raises the platform an additional 6.5 feet- that's a working height of about 24 feet!
  • Assembly time is about 10 minutes
  • Platform can be lowered to 2' and extended to 11' in 6" increments.
  • Spring-loaded safety lock pins provide safe, positive platform height, and lock-in at 6"intervals
  • Assembled unit (with safety rails folded) rolls through a 32" x 80" doorway
  • Entire unit can be quickly assembled by one person, no tools or loose parts.
  • Assembled unit maintains a 6' walk through clearance for working over and around obstacles
  • Integral outriggers extend to provide a stable 6' base (1.83: height to base ratio)
  • 5" Heavy Duty dual locking scaffold casters
  • Portable scaffolding components are easily transported in a station wagon or pickup truck


Complete Unit Consists of:

  • (2) Telescoping end Sections with outriggers on 5" heavy duty dual locking scaffold casters.
  • (1) Connecting beam with cable elevating mechanism.
  • (6) Interchangeable sway braces.
  • (1) Steel safety deck with 4" toeboard.
  • (1) Set of 4 safety rails with 4 safety chains


Model 1101 is 19" Wide

Model 1101-22 is 22" Wide


Operator's Manual

Brochure - Tele-Tower Scaffolding


  Optional Accessories:

Tele-Tower Extension Model 1177

Safety Poles Part #14-02

Safety Rail Storage Cradle- Recommended for onboard storage of safety rails when ladders are not raised Storage Kit Item #3234

Reduction Drive Part #08-23


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