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Need a tough rack for your full-sized pickup that can handle whatever you need it for? Check out KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Racks. These heavy duty truck racks have the strength and flexibility of design to get the job done. Designed for full-sized trucks without a shell, all KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Racks are industrial strength—made with the same high-quality materials and methods that have led the industry for over thirty years.

KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Racks fit all full-size trucks, including standard and extended/crew cab styles, with bed lengths of 5.8 feet to 8 feet. Adjustable front legs accommodate the exact bed length, and slotted mounting plates allow width adjustment to fit all full-size trucks.


  • These are the strongest production racks available, with a 1000-pound cargo capacity.
  • 2" diameter, .120" thick T-6 aircraft aluminum.
  • Crossbars and gusseting add strength.
  • High-strength side channel reinforcement.
  • Rugged 17"-long mounting plates.
  • Swaged joints.
  • NO-DRILLING REQUIRED.  Our racks INCLUDE a No-Drill Clamp-On option that will not damage your trucks bed


KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Racks are not only tough; they’re designed to do the work, regardless of your needs.
  • Adjustable front legs fit any full-sized bed length.
  • Adjustable mounting plates allow KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Racks to fit any full-sized truck.
  • Rear crossbar is removable.
  • Fourth crossbar (optional).

Superior Functionality

  • Lifetime frame warranty.
  • Polyester marine-grade powder paint resists corrosion and abrasion.
  • Self-locking nuts make KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Racks easy to assemble.
  • All fasteners are made of stainless steel.
  • Easily removable.

Installation Instructions

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The KargoMaster Pro IV Aluminum Truck Rack is a heavy duty rack designed for full sized pickups. These are industrial strength racks and have been made using materials of high quality; the methods employed are ones that have been driving the industry for more than three decades. The Pro IV has been designed to be compatible with all of the full sized trucks including crew cab (or extended) styles and standard styles whose bed lengths range between 5.8 feet and 8 feet. The desired length can be obtained by means of front legs that are adjustable. The racks also come equipped with slotted mounting plates; these allow their widths to be adjusted in order to fit any full sized truck.

The Pro IV Aluminum Truck Rack is Strong

Being one of the strongest available production truck racks in the market, the Pro IV by KargoMaster has been designed to be able to hold a thousand pounds of cargo. The aluminum used – the T-6 aircraft aluminum – has a thickness of 0.120 inches and a diameter of 2 inches. The rack is made strong by the inclusion of crossbars; these crossbars are fully gusseted. Additional strength comes from the side channels which are reinforced. The Pro IV is mounted using rugged mounting plates that are 17 inches long each.

More About the Pro IV

The Pro IV's frame comes with a lifetime warranty. It is painted with a polyester powder paint of marine grade; this makes the Pro IV abrasion and corrosion resistant. The rack can be assembled easily and removed easily too. The rear crossbar of the rack is removable. There are two additional components that come with the Pro IV: a fourth crossbar, and mounts which are of the no-drill clamp-on variety. Both these components are optional.

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