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truck bumper vise mount
Price: $415.00
A Fold-Down Heavy Duty Grip Strut Tread Rear Step. (Available for most S-Series Cranes)
truck crane rescue recovery system
Price: $2,045.00
FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY! Required when using the crane as a man-lift for confined space activities. This option includes WO-14 Rotation Lock, WO-41 Fall Arrestor Boom Attachment Anchor Pin, WO-23 65' x 3/16" Galvanized lifting Cable (1350 lb cap. models only. 2000 lb cap. models ship standard with 50' x 7/32"), R50G Quick attached hand crank operated recovery winch/fall arrestor with 50' lifeline.
truck crane outrigger
Price: $155.00
A Removable Crank Down Outrigger for added stability and leveling of crane. Useful when crane is used on unleveled/uneven ground.
truck crane winching block
Price: $109.00
This accessory is necessary if you desire to use your Western Mule Crane for winching of the vehicle or to winch loads to the vehicle.
bumper crane outrigger
Price: $78.00
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