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Item #: TG-J72003
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   When you work outside all day on a jobsite, you can get exposed to the toughest elements. When you’re constantly facing high winds, rain, snow and sleet, there’s only one solution for the job site: the jacket liner for Icon Series Jackets.

   This jacket liner is for the Icon High Visibility Jacket, or the Icon 3.1 Hi Vis Jacket. These jackets are already designed for staying safe and comfortable in rugged work environments. The reflective materials keep you highly visible in compromising situations. The breathable fabrics provide additional comfort.

   Some days, we can’t stop because the weather gets bad. We have to keep going until the work is done. That’s just the reality of the job. The jacket liner will give you increased comfort on these, the most brutal of workdays. You may just need it to get through the unseasonable winter months.

It’s a 300-gram fleece liner to help provide warmth and comfort. It zips straight up the front and also has a collar that can help keep your neck warm.

   The black jacket liner also functions as a stand-alone jacket, for when you want leave your heavier jacket at home.

  The jacket liner for Icon Series Jackets can help you maximize your workday experience. Don’t let the elements wear you out. Order your liner today.  

300 gram fleece jacket zips into jacket and attaches at cuffs and collar or functions as a stand alone jacket, available as style J72003.


This Jacket Liner is for the Icon series jackets: the Icon High Visibility Jacket or the  Icon 3.1 Hi Vis Jacket


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