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Tingley EVA Rubber Boots



ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT BOOTS EVA Knee Boot - Built for Comfort

lightweight rubber knee boots 

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Lightweight EVA Rubber Boots

You may have never considered comfort as a major factor when choosing rubber boots, but this pair from Tingley places comfort right alongside durability, traction, and moisture resistance. The tough exterior displays all the hard-working features you need to stay safe while working: a seamless design that absolutely repels water; extra cleats for dependable traction in all conditions; and flexibility even in extreme temperatures.

 As soon as you pick up these boots, you’ll recognize a major advantage over their competitors: they weigh a fraction as much, while providing the same quality. The lightweight EVA construction will reduce fatigue throughout the day, reinforced by a comfortable insole that absorbs sweat, keeping your feet dry at all times. The EVA material is also very breathable, allowing both air flow and effective insulation. You’ll forget you’re wearing a pair of boots that are made for work instead of your favorite sneakers!

Innovating work footwear since 1896, Tingley has incorporated the best of today’s available materials and ergonomic design to create a knee-length boot that strikes a perfect balance. The long-lasting, flexible exterior keeps rain, snow, mud, and sand away from your foot, while the airy, dry interior hits new levels of comfort not seen before in boots of its kind. Put aside the relief that you feel at the end of the day when you peel your stiff, wet boots off; these EVA boots are so comfortable that you may just want to keep them on until you hit the sack at night.

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Rubber Boots Sole

EVA Knee Boots Sole

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