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Brawny work pants
(1 review)
Price: $69.95
These 12 oz. 100% cotton canvas pants are heavier than most other work pants and makes these the most rugged and durable available. They are a favorite among carpenters as well as electricians, plumbers
twill work pants
Price: $69.95
Made with a lightweight, durable 13 oz. twill, Blaklader has used for more than 50 years, the 1625 pant stands the test of time.
work jeans
Price: $15.95
Wear 'em to work. Wear 'em to play. Our new 5-pocket work fit Jeans are ready for anything. You want durability? You've got it -- ......
x1600 work pants
Price: $109.95
These heavy duty work pants take it to the next level. Made of 13 oz. cotton which is smooth and comfortable on the legs and reinforced with Codura
padded knee pants
(1 review)
Price: $59.95
The Bantam Padded Knee Pants are the lightweight version of the Brawny Work Pants. The fabric is a cooler 8 oz. 100% Pre-Washed Cotton Canvas to help you stay cool in warmer weather or when working indoors.
Stone Washed 5 Pocket Jeans
Price: $24.50
14.5oz 100% Cotton Stone Washed Denim for Comfort * Universal Relaxed Style Fit
Heavy Work Pants
(4 reviews)
Price: $89.95
These Heavy Work Pants are tough as nails! They are extremely well designed and constructed of rugged 12 oz. 65/35% Poly/Cotton Canvas, they are reinforced with Cordura® fabric on the seat, knees and pant cuff, removable kneepads that'll save your
double knee jeans
(1 review)
Price: $26.50
Rigid Denim Logger Jeans
knee pants
Price: $49.95
These work pants are the same as the Bantam Padded Knee Pants, except without the front flip-out utility pockets. They are made from the same 8 oz. 100% Pre-Washed Cotton Canvas fabric that is lighter and cooler in warmer weather...
Brawny carpenter pants
Price: $59.95
These canvas pants for men are the same as the Brawny Work Pants except without the front untility pockets. They are heavier than many other work pants and are made of 12 oz. 100% cotton canvas.
work jeans
Price: $21.50
Wear 'em to work. Wear 'em to play. Our new 5-pocket Jeans are ready for anything. You want durability? You've got it -- ......
Painters Pants
Price: $59.95
The Painter Pants with Kneepads by Blaklader are the answer for painters needing to save their knees as well as keep their tools and other items close at hand. They are made of 13 oz. 100% Cotton Twill for rugged, long lasting comfort.
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What’s just as important as having a solid set of tools? Wearing tough-as-nails work pants that work hard for you, protecting you and fitting you into your work environment.  Here at Contractor’s Solutions, we’ll set you up with the highest quality work pants you need to fit in and get the job done right the first time.

Contractor’s Solutions offers specially designed work pants for many different kinds of jobs. We have carpenters pants, painters pants & canvas pants. You can get anything from ultra-comfortable multi-pocketed jeans to high-utility work pants with all the bells and whistles required for the most hard-core technical jobs.

You can expect to find men's work pants perfectly suited for engineering, building construction, painting, welding, roadwork, and any other kind of rugged jobs that fancy pants can’t handle.  Rest assured that the state-of-the-art material used by our manufacturers can withstand the dirtiest, roughest building sites, weather any storm, and protect against the elements for ultimate comfort. 
Top of the line, renowned brand name manufacturers Blaklader, Walls, and Berne Apparel are featured below. From them you can expect the best.

Most of the options here include a wide selection from Blaklader, the vastly popular Swedish workwear company.  If you’re looking for the best deal on work pants, Blaklader beats out the competition in price, utility, and durability.  In fact, out of the 3 manufacturers mentioned here, Blaklader is the only one that maintains a lifetime warranty for their seams. Can’t beat that--a lifetime warranty! On work pants! Who’d a thought?!!! 

No matter what you go with, Contractor’s Solutions features the best picks in work pants, unparalleled by the competition.  Right now, we’ve slashed the prices on Blaklader X1600 Work Pants from $124.95 to $109.95.  You won’t find a better deal on elite work pants that sport tucking front bellows utility pockets, a hammer loop, and Cordura kneepad pockets.

Feel free to peruse the entire range of our fine, broad selection of work pants.  If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, spare no time to contact us, and we’ll spare no time to meet your customized, specific needs.


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Brawny work pants
Price: $69.95
Knee pads
Price: $9.95
padded knee pants
Price: $59.95