Protect Yourself and Crew with High Visibility Clothing



It happens, in a blink of an eye a distracted driver plows into a work crew on the side of the road. When you work next to cars your job is dangerous! High Visibility clothing in vivid orange and green colors combined with reflective strips can help to keep driver’s aware that workers and crew are right next to the thoroughfare and that extra caution needs to be taken in driving around a working team.

It doesn’t matter if you are working at night, in the fog, or in the rain, our hi vis clothing jackets, hooded jackets, longer coats, rain jackets, and other high visibility work wear will get you noticed – in a safe way! On our website you’ll find high vis clothing that is lightweight or heavy-weight for cold weather. Working in the rain? No problem, we’ve got high visibility rain gear complete with reflective stripes in short and long jacket styles.

We carry a wide selection of work wear in high visibility clothing from Tingley and Blaklader. We don’t only have jackets and pants, but hi vis hoodies, hi vis T shirts, hi vis parkas, high visibility vests, hi vis beanies and reflective caps. In fact, we have such a wide and diverse selection of high visibility clothing that you won’t have to look elsewhere for your entire company’s high visibility work wear needs.

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Hi Visibility Knit Visor Cap
Price: $5.25
The bright yellow green on this visor cap ensures that you’ll have a high level of added daytime visibility. This makes the hat an optimal choice for construction workers, waste management workers, pipeline workers, or anyone who works outside...
Hi-visibility Baseball Cap
Price: $6.05
This hat’s an ideal choice for anybody working outside near cars or heavy machinery. That’s what makes it perfect for construction workers, pipeline workers, those who work in waste management, and several other outdoor jobs.
Safety Vests
The reflective safety vests from Contractor’s Solutions are lightweight and breathable, and easily fit over whatever it is that you wore to the jobsite that day, so that you won’t overheat while you work.
Liberty® Bib with Hi-Vis Tape
Price: $46.00
11.5 oz. Rigid Denim in 100% Cotton with Hi-Vis reflective tape on legs, across front, and down back
reflective safety vest
Price: $43.00
This FR Hi Vis reflective safety vest makes safety and comfort as easy as “grab and go.” Just carry it with you in the car, and when you need it on the job, it’ll be right there with you. Meets ASTM F1506
High Visibility Jackets
Contractor's Solutions has a broad selection of high visibility jackets from Tingley and Blaklader
Hi-Vis T Shirt
Price: $24.95
Hi-vis t-shirt with 50-mm-wide reflective tape. This is no ordinary t-shirt. Complete with anti-odor treatment, UV protection 40+ and ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R, Class 2, this t-shirt keeps the sun off and the smell out.
3127 Hi-Vis Tool Vest
Price: $69.95
It’s not your average hi-vis vest, it includes swinging chest pockets with safety straps, four reinforced utility pockets at waist, safety harness access point through back....
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