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It happens, in a blink of an eye a distracted driver plows into a work crew on the side of the road. When you work next to cars your job is dangerous! High Visibility clothing in vivid orange and green colors combined with reflective strips can help to keep driver’s aware that workers and crew are right next to the thoroughfare and that extra caution needs to be taken in driving around a working team.

It doesn’t matter if you are working at night, in the fog, or in the rain, our hi vis clothing jackets, hooded jackets, longer coats, rain jackets, and other high visibility work wear will get you noticed – in a safe way! On our website you’ll find high vis clothing that is lightweight or heavy-weight for cold weather. Working in the rain? No problem, we’ve got high visibility rain gear complete with reflective stripes in short and long jacket styles.

We carry a wide selection of work wear in high visibility clothing from Tingley and Blaklader. We don’t only have jackets and pants, but hi vis hoodies, hi vis T shirts, hi vis parkas, high visibility vests, hi vis beanies and reflective caps. In fact, we have such a wide and diverse selection of high visibility clothing that you won’t have to look elsewhere for your entire company’s high visibility work wear needs.

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Comfort-Brite FR Hi Vis Rain Jacket
Price: $45.00
This hi vis jacket keeps true to its name as a trusted way to stay safe and comfortable at the same time on the job. The yellow-green or safety orange-red color choices paired up with the 2 inch silver reflective tape make for great visibility.
Electra Arc Resistant High Visibility Overalls
Price: $66.00
The thermal performance on these high visibility overalls makes them an excellent choice for colder workdays outside in the elements. They’re also 100 percent waterproof and mildew resistant. They’re a rugged, long-lasting choice that is sure to ....
Electra Arc Resistant Rain Jacket
Price: $99.50
Flame Resistant • ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 Compliant Rain Jacket for High Visibility, Lime or Orange • Conforms to ASTM F1891 for Arc Thermal Performance
Vision Hi Vis Rain Jacket
Price: $42.75
This hi vis jacket comes in fluorescent yellow-green, with 2 inch silver reflective tape, designed to give you the best in hi vis jackets for daytime and nighttime visibility. This clothing is ANSI/ISEA 107 Class E Compliant.
hi vis overalls
Price: $26.50
These overalls have met all professional visibility testing standards, which means they can help you avoid accidents at work. They are ANSI/ISEA 107 Class E Compliant. They come in a yellow-green fluorescent material for exceptional visibility.
Vision Hi Vis Rain Pants
Price: $26.50
The fabric on these pants is waterproof, and the seams are stitched and taped sealed for 100 percent protection on the wettest of days. You won’t come home feeling damp. They’re also mildew resistant, meaning they can protect you during the worst
Class 3 Long Sleeve Hi Vis Shirt
Price: $18.75
These high visibility shirts are long sleeved to protect you from the elements. They also come with a breast pocket, so that you can carry what you need to do your job. These yellow-green fluorescent hi vis shirts are ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 Compliant.
Class 2 High Visibility T Shirt
Price: $15.00
Just because you work outside all day in the summer elements doesn’t mean that you have to carry that sweat around with you all day long. The Bird’s Eye Polyester used to make this hi vis T shirt works to wick sweat away from your body, keeping you
Hi Vis Safety Coat
Price: $72.75
This hi visibility coat is intentionally oversized so that you can easily throw it on over your outerwear for the added protection. This safety coat is made with a waterproof nylon shell engineered to keep you dry.
Hi-Visibility Safety Jacket
Price: $66.75
With this hi visibility safety jacket you can stay safe, warm and dry all at the same time. There’s no need to trade one for the other anymore. This jacket comes in a fluorescent yellow-green with 2-inch silver reflective tape.....
Hi-Visibility Safety Pants
Price: $53.75
These pants are oversized to fit over whatever pants you wear to the jobsite that day. You can just bring them with you in the truck and throw them on when you need them. They also have an elastic waist for an easy fit. The yellow-green color...
Hi Visibility Knit Hat
Price: $4.95
These hats provide that added visibility and safety, so that you can be sure passing motorists and heavy machinery operators in the vicinity are aware that you are there, and working.
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