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panel lift extension
Price: $185.00
The Model 186 extension for your 138-2 drywall lift consists of two 6’ telescoping sections and cable. The standard reach of 11 feet is heightened to 15' with this extension. It replaces the two 4’ telescoping sections and cable of the stand.
cabinet lift
Price: $715.00
Patterned after the GilLift Cabinet Lift, the Cabinetizer is made of steel versus aluminum, resulting in a heavy duty cabinet lift...
drywall lift loader attachment
Price: $329.00
Telpro Loader Attachment (fits Panel Lift models 460 & 138-2)
drywall lift extension
Price: $28.99
Telpro Panel Lift Extension 18" adds 18 inches to the height of your TelPro drwall lift. For drywall wallboard
scaffold safety poles
Price: $52.00
TelPro Safety Poles for TeleTower scaffold
material cart bridge
Price: $445.00
Telpro Troll Bridge joins two 1361 material carts or two 1270 Troll material carts, push cart
drywall cart
Price: $464.00
Telpro 1814 Troll Drywall Cart is similar to the 1361, but a larger model
material handling carts
Price: $439.00
Telpro 1361 Troll Material Handling Carts are more than just drywall carts. They are truly multi-purpose.
Tool Hoist
Price: $565.00
Use the Dual Drive Drill Drive winch to hoist up to 75 lbs to the scaffold deck effortlessly. Unit includes bucket harness.
step up work stand
Price: $356.00
Nu-Wave is the only Authorized Manufacturer of products that are 100% guaranteed fully compatible and interchangeable with Original Perry products.
material cart caster
Price: $36.00
This is a replacement caster for the Classic Series material carts by NuWave
scaffold caster
Price: $29.00
For Nu-Wave mobile scaffolding. Fits Perry scaffolds as well
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