25% Off High Visibility Sweatshirts and Jacket

Winter is over, but the air is still nippy.  Stay warm and stay safe with a high visibility sweatshirt or a Phase 3™ Soft Shell hi vis jacket.  From now until 3/28, you can take 25% off your purchase of the following items:

Hi Vis Sweatshirts

Class 3 High Visibility Hooded Sweat Shirt

Class 3 High Visibility Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Each of these sweat shirts are ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 Compliant with 2” Silver Reflective Tape and constructed of a comfortable high density polyester.

Available in crew neck or hooded versions.  They both feature “black belly” front to conceal dirt and grime. (except small size)

Hi Vis JacketThe Phase 3™ Hi Vis Jacket is constructed of a 3 layer material that is water resistant, wind proof and breathable to keep you warm and dry 3 seasons of the year.  It offers exceptional warmth to weight ratio  and is athletically designed and adapts to the work environment.  It can also be zipped into the Icon jacket as a liner.



You can take 25% off of the purchase price for any or all of these three garments by using the coupon code HV25 when checking out on the web store.

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Safety in Construction has Improved

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the worker fatalities have decreased from 1,016 workers in 2008 to 781 in the year 2011 (numbers for last year are still not available).  This news is encouraging but it may be influenced a bit by the amount of work that has been out there these past few years.  A more encouraging outlook could be that the new regulations that OSHA has been putting into place to reduce falls are being followed.

hi vis jackets

These types of accidents are still the number one cause for fatalities.  It is hoped that the figures are positively affected by the stressing of safety at jobs performed well above ground like roofing and ironwork. The number of accidents leading to injuries is also down by almost one less worker per hundred since 2008.

Safety on the job can be improved by adopting the following behaviors:
• Better safety training focusing on awareness of the hazards involved and prevention
• Keeping areas clear of debris and having proper equipment on jobs where the workers are off the ground like harnesses and safety netting
• Making protective equipment available including goggles, hard hats and protective clothing

These guidelines are not the only things you can do to keep employees safe – another important factor is making sure the person you send out on a job is trained to do that job. Many injuries may come from an employee telling a boss he can do something to look industrious, only to have him make a mistake which hurts him and possibly other members of his crew.

High visibility clothing is being used more and more to make it easier to see people that may have been hurt by forklifts or other equipment in the past. Even on jobs that OSHA doesn’t require this clothing it can still be a great way to prevent injury.  Drop by Contractor’s Solutions and review our choices for this valuable work wear and start keeping your employees safe today.