Steel isn’t Always the only Answer

The township of North Las Vegas had a problem – they were repainting the floor of a large water tank at their airport when structural damage was found. The cost of replacing the floor with steel and the time needed were prohibitive and they needed a solution. That solution came in the form of a one quarter inch thick epoxy e-glass flooring system. The job was done in quickly to say the least: it was finished 20 times faster than the estimated time that a new steel floor installation would have taken.high visibility sweatshirt

This epoxy e-glass flooring has been used before in gas and oil tanks, usually smaller in size. In addition to the larger size the tank had to meet specifications set by The National Sanitation Foundation Standards for potable water immersion, which it did.

This system combines highly corrosive resistant epoxy coating with resin infused e-glass. It isn’t like the old epoxy glue that came in two tubes to be mixed however.  The new application may be welcome news for other municipalities that face tighter budgets and aging water facilities going forward.  This kind of innovation may even lead to the price of steel dropping some too.

The man hours were another real saving point on this job. Choosing between five days to complete the job vs. 12 weeks of steel workers fabricating a new floor was a no contest for North Las Vegas making this it a win-win for tax payers and government officials.

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