Oil spill clean up with hay ?- Common sense not so common

A big problem like the Gulf oil spill, may need some simple solutions for
clean up.  Check out this video about some common people use their heads and, that’s right, common
sense, and use hay to clean up oil.  Darryl Carpenter and  C.W. Roberts
of CW Roberts Contracting have come up with a way to clean up the oil spill
using organic methods, like hay. While BP and the US Government stumble over
each other pointing fingers, these common every day Americans used their brains
to think of a way to remedy the situation. They even thought of how to implement
it using the shrimp boats, which would help employ the fishermen.  And
that’s not all, they claim the by product, oil saturated hay, could be used to
fuel electric

Why don’t the government an BIG companies use common sense?  It seems
the BIG thinkers think that if it is not THEIR idea, then it is dumb.

Check out this video to see a demonstration.


Bil-Jax Scaffolding Replaces Perry Scaffolds at Contractor’s Solutions

With Perry Scaffolds discontinuing business last December, Contractor’s Solutions has replaced the product line with Bil-Jax scaffolding. It is a shame that this Nation’s terrible economy and trade policies has taken another great American business. Perry Scaffolds has been in business for approx. 41 years. Last December, Perry informed me that they had closed their doors and my pending orders could not be filled. It was a bit of a surprise and I had to cancel several customers’ orders and refund their payments. I felt that I was letting my customers down, but there was not much I could do about it. I have, however, taken on another American made product line, Bil-Jax scaffolding. They offer professional quality construction equipment, and I am confident that my customers will be pleased with their purchase of American made scaffolding.

About Bil-Jax:

Since 1947, Bil-Jax has grown to become North America’s largest manufacturer of interior and exterior scaffolds, aerial lifts, event seating and staging, elevating trailers, and other construction related products. Today our line of over 6,000 different finished parts is still the most comprehensive product offering in the industry.

maintenance scaffolding

Generac Generators Now Available at Contractor’s Solutions

Contractor’s Solutions is proud to add Generac
to their offering of
construction tools &
. “It helps build our ever expanding offering of products that help
builders, contractors and trades people work more efficiently. I try to find
good quality products that I can offer at an affordable price.”

A word about Generac:

Founded in 1959, Generac has earned a reputation as the company home and
business owners turn to when the power goes out. The first to engineer
affordable home standby generators, along with the first engine developed
specifically for the rigors of generator use, we now sell more home standby
generators than all of our competitors combined.  We then revolutionized the
commercial market with the first cost effective product line meeting the needs
of small and mid-sized businesses.

Unlike other generator manufacturers, power generation is our sole focus,
with the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable,
RV, residential, commercial and industrial generators.  At Generac, we protect
things that power your life by providing quality, affordable power solutions.

We believe Generac‘s continued success will come from our dedication to
growth and our core philosophy of ensuring our customers’ peace of mind by
delivering a superior product and owner
ship experience.

portable generator