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From now until March 10, you can save 20% on all workwear.  You can choose any items in the workwear category and all subcategories, like rugged work pants from Blaklader high visibility clothing by Tingley, quality USA Made work shoes by Thorogood and a large selection of work clothes by Dickies and Walls.  We also have a growing selection of FR clothing. (flame resistant or fire resistant)

workwear sale

Contractor’s Solutions provides quality made workwear & equipment to the construction and maintenance industries.  We strive to find well made products that help people work more efficiently and safely.

Valid for a 20% discount on the purchase of work clothes items until 3/10/201. Maximum value of discount; $100.

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Win a pair of Blaklader Cordura Work Pants and Knee Pads

Cordura Denim Work Pants with knee padsWe are excited to announce we have added CORDURA® Denim pants as part of our lineup of Blaklader work pants.

CORDURA fabric has three amazing benefits:

You can’t ask for much more from a pair of work pants.

More on the Benefits of the CORDURA® Work Pants
These pants can be worn no matter how labor intensive your environment is because they are tear resistant. Actually, they are four times more resistant to abrasion than standard denim jeans thanks to complex blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber. Before you think this blend will make these pants rough, let us just tell you that these denim pants are just as soft as the 100% cotton pants you’re used to wearing.

You should also know that these pants are reinforced in the knees, elbows, and pockets. Since these are the areas that most pants see wear, BlakLader has made sure they won’t with their design.

Moving Couldn’t Be Easier with CORDURA®

While you may not think of the flexibility of your pants being a big deal now, it is when you’re bending, stretching, and crouching. You know how frustrating it can be when your pants restrict your movement. You have to stand up again to adjust them, or you have to bend in a certain way because you can’t do it the other way. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous if you can’t move the way you need to, especially when operating machinery.

CORDURA® denim pants are durable, flexible and comfortable without compromising on style. They are the perfect pants for when you want to WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD.

What Else Is Great About CORDURA® Denim Pants – Storage and Padding.
These work pants are designed to give you plenty of storage to carry around everything you need. You get a:

Leg pocket
Inside ruler pocket
Pen pocket
Phone pocket
Coin pocket
Side pockets
The leg pocket comes with a flap and zipper to keep whatever you put inside of it safe.

There’s also an inner knee protection pocket. This one is specifically for knee pads! If you need to be crawling all over the floor or at risk of having something hit your knees, this feature is perfect for you.

Giveaway – CORDURA Pants and Knee Pads
Since we are such big fans of these pants, we want to make it possible for one of you to experience how great these pants can be for work or at home.

Enter the form below to enter a giveaway for one FREE pair of CORDURA® Denim Pants and a pair of BlakLader Knee Pads. This is a combined value of $111.90.

After you submit your entry, you be able to share on your favorite social media and receive another chance to win!

What’s more is, after the contest is over, you will receive a discount coupon for 15% off your first purchase!

Offer ends September 20, 2015.

Enter for your chance to win now!

Dickies Jeans on Sale for a Limited Time

We have a special announcement. Contractor’s Solutions is now a proud seller of Dickies jeans!

Dickies jeans provide:

  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Safety

If you work in construction or other labor-intensive industry, you will find
that Dickies jeans are perfect for getting through the toughest jobs. The
following are just some of the high quality jeans Contractor’s Solutions has for

Industrial Workhorse Denim Jeans
Industrial Workhorse Denim Jeans

Strength and comfort are the hallmarks of these jeans. You will not be
disappointed with the heavy-duty brass zipper and 7 keystone belt loops that
prevent that bunching you get with other work jeans. You’ll also love the
kneepad pockets included with these jeans. Theses jeans are so strong that they
can withstand hundreds of industrial washes. These jeans will continue to
impress you for years.

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Cell Pocket Utility Denim Jeans
Cell Pocket Utilit Denim Jeans

Carry everything you need wherever you go to improve productivity. These
jeans come with pockets for your tools, hammer, cell phone, and pad/pen. All of
the pockets are tucked away for safety. The cell phone pocket comes with a
closure to keep it safe. These light weight jeans are made of 100% cotton
keeping them soft and comfy throughout the day.

Relaxed Fit Industrial Denim Jeans

Industrial Denim JeansThese jeans will hold up through your hardest days. They are puncture and rip
resistant. They are also lightweight and made from 100% cotton making them the
most comfortable work jeans you have ever worn. They fit perfectly below the
waist and move with you to keep them in place no matter if you are reaching,
bending, stooping, or jumping.

Relaxed Straight Fit Flannel-Lined Denim Jeans
Flannel Lined Denim Jeans

These Dickies jeans are lined with flannel. They are perfect for those cold
days when you’re working hard. They are also lightweight, so they will not hold
you back from getting your jobs done quickly. The pockets are roomy enough to
carry tools or essentials such as your cell phone.

Dickies and Contractor’s Solutions Commitment to You

We provide you jeans that you can work comfortably in and that can stand up
to your work environment. They are also professional, so you can work in front
of customers without worry of not representing your company well. The stylish
signature stitching on the back pockets and design of the jeans will show
customers that your company believes that looking good is just as important as
doing a good job for them.

From now until  August 31, 2015 you can save 15% on your order of Dickies Jeans.  You can mix and match any styles and buy as many as you want.

Just enter the coupon code: DcK15 when placing your order.

Buy now to save big on these durable, comfortable, and stylish work pants.

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