Oil spill clean up with hay ?- Common sense not so common

A big problem like the Gulf oil spill, may need some simple solutions for
clean up.  Check out this video about some common people use their heads and, that’s right, common
sense, and use hay to clean up oil.  Darryl Carpenter and  C.W. Roberts
of CW Roberts Contracting have come up with a way to clean up the oil spill
using organic methods, like hay. While BP and the US Government stumble over
each other pointing fingers, these common every day Americans used their brains
to think of a way to remedy the situation. They even thought of how to implement
it using the shrimp boats, which would help employ the fishermen.  And
that’s not all, they claim the by product, oil saturated hay, could be used to
fuel electric

Why don’t the government an BIG companies use common sense?  It seems
the BIG thinkers think that if it is not THEIR idea, then it is dumb.

Check out this video to see a demonstration.


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