Lasting Workwear: Toughguy Painters Pants

painter pantsCarpenters and painters need a lot of items when they work. Finding pants to hold all those items can be a problem.  Between the normal wear and tear on your work pants, and weight added by the items needed that are usually attached to the pants, comfort and durability is an important element in finding a great pair of painter’s work pants.

Toughguy Painters Pants are work wear for those who require a lot of items on hand while working, without reducing all day comfort. They are constructed of lightweight and strong 13 oz. 100% Cotton Twill, which allows the pants to be lightweight and reducing bulk. The pockets are created with bar tacks, and no seams to prevent ripping and tearing. The pockets are designed for easy-access to anything you may need, even when kneeling or squatting down. You can also insert gel or foam kneepads (sold separately) into the Cordura knee pad pockets for added comfort and protection.

Toughguy Painters Pants are designed for those who need clothing to work as hard as they do. These feature triple-stitching along the seams for added strength to prevent ripping, the tool loops incorporate heavy duty webbing to assure they will last.

Those who work hard need clothing that works as hard as they do.  With details to assure both the wearer’s comfort and that these pants will be able to stand up to the wear and tear that hard work puts clothing through.

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