Helping Customers Stay Safe

The National Center for disease control lists Carbon Monoxide as the number one cause for accidental poisoning deaths in America. The construction codes have been updated requiring the installation of CO alarms in new buildings but older buildings and homes are not keeping up according to national statistics. It is estimated that only 27% of American residences have these alarms installed – that is a very low number and even those homes may not have them installed properly.

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The Kidde Company that manufactures many home safety products has some extensive information about CO safety and how important it is to think about avoiding this “silent killer.” As an electrician, HVAC contractor or home remodeler you should think about mentioning this alarm along with smoke and radon detectors when working with customers. The installation of one hardwired alarm with battery backup that can detect all three dangers and other battery powered detectors in every home is a great extra service that proves you are a true professional.

As a contractor it is good to be aware that these fumes can come from a portable generator in a closed space – the proper ventilation of these construction aides is of utmost importance. CO comes from combustion so any fuel burning item like a heater, oven, range, or barbeque grill can lead to the nausea, flu-like symptoms and disorientation that CO can cause.  Poorly vented gas water heaters are another source of this problem that a contractor can look at in their customers’ homes.

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