Gillift Cabinet Lift

cabinet liftWith the right tools, you can save money by finishing a project on time and using minimal man power.  One such tool that can save money is the Gillift Cabinet Lifter.  You can install however many cabinets you need with one person operating the Gillift Cabinet Lifter.  So it can save your business by keeping costs low, and reducing the need to hire more contractors.  It is made of anodized aluminum, and has the ability to carry 300 lbs.  In addition, a high grade of plywood is used for the part of the lift that carries the cabinet.  Depending on the type of cabinet that you need installed, it can be adjusted to whatever height you need.  Whether you are installing base cabinets, cabinets high upon a wall, or somewhere in between, the Gillift Cabinet Lifter can do the job quickly and efficiently.


The Gillift Cabinet Lifter was designed and created by a cabinet maker who was trying to simplify the job of installing cabinets.  It’s a work platform that was built by another professional, so you can trust that it will work well for a long time.  You can also convert the Gillift Cabinet Lifter into a dolly in order to roll the cabinets,
portable generator, television components, air conditioners, heaters, or whatever item you put onto it, to wherever you need them to be.  The wheels are secured to 5 inch heavy duty swivel ball bearing casters, so you can maneuver your cabinets in whatever environment, whether a construction site or a home.


You can also modify the Gillift Cabinet Lifter to operate your lift with a drill.  By using drill drive Model 1013, you can elevate or lower the lift simply with the drill.  If you need to go back for something, simply step on the foot brake, and your cargo will not go anywhere.  Furthermore, the wheels, as strong as they are, do not leave marks.  So you don’t have to worry about cleaning up scuff marks that the wheels may have left behind.  The Gillift is an example of a
construction tool that can make your business money, as well as save it.


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