Generac’s New Standby Generator – the Core Power System

Generac’s new Core Power System is a compact 7-kilowatt

standby generator
that costs about the same as a comparable

portable generator
. But, unlike a portable, the Core Power System turns on
automatically providing backup power when the electric utility goes out.
Supplying up to 50 amps, this eight circuit emergency generator includes an
automatic transfer switch that disconnects your home from the electric grid and
switches it to generated power. The compact design is engineered for easy
maintenance and serviceability, and is ideal when space is at premium.

CorePower earned a

Popular Mechanics
Editor’s Choice Award for its compact, innovative design
and affordable price.

CorePower is a great
choice for homeowners who want to back up essential circuits.  You can have the
24/7 protection and convenience of automatic standby for about the cost of a
portable.  Be prepared for summer storms with a Generac automatic standby

stanby generator

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