Designed To Last: Blaklader Toughguy Pile Lined Work Jacket


Those who work in the construction industry are aware that the job must go on, despite the weather conditions.  So just as each task must be worked with the proper tools, each contractor must have the appropriate gear.  Besides being able to withstand wet weather, the perfect work jacket must contain many pockets and be durable.  Blaklader work wear contains all of the features that those in construction appreciate most, many pockets, tough, not very heavy and best of all, comfortable.


pile lined work jacketBlaklader may be a name that isn’t very well known to those who are outside of the construction industry, but they are the foremost work wear designers in Europe.  Take the Toughguy Pile Lined Work Jacket as an example.  It has side pockets, breast pockets, a document pocket, pockets designed especially to hold phones and pens, heavy duty YKK zippers, a key loop and a thumb grip.  Blaklader makes sure that all of their work clothes can last a long time, so the various work pants and work jackets are tested for being able to withstand everything that could happen on a work site.  Comfort is a big factor for work wear, so the jacket also has an adjustable waist, and is 100% cotton.  The jacket is meant to shield workers from just about all possible weather scenarios with its 11 oz. polyester pile lining and 13 oz. shell.  In the torso area, it is lined with 300 gm pile and the sleeves are quilted and lined.  Attention to detail is obvious in all of the aspects of this and all of the other items in the Blaklader collection.


The Toughguy Pile Line Work Jacket is made for working.  The seams are designed to last because Blaklader uses three times as much thread as compared to other industry work pants and outerwear manufacturers, and is guaranteed to last.  If a seam rips from regular use, Blaklader will replace the garment in question.  The fabric is meant to take abuse from workers in the construction industry, the garment will keep its color, nor will it shrink from repeated washings.  It is a work jacket that takes every job it is worn to seriously, and dares the weather to do its worst.  Durable Cordura is contained within the sleeves and shoulders, a fabric that is more sturdy than nylon.  It goes without saying, the Toughguy Pile Lined Work Jacket is meant to excel during every job that it is worn to.


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