Blaklader Heavy Worker Shorts with Utility Pockets

Blaklader makes a good quality Heavy Worker Shorts. In addition to their heavy duty 12 oz. 65-35% Poly/Cotton Canvas construction, they feature “extra” utility pockets in the front that tuck in when not needed. These pockets are handy for carrying nails, screws, small tools, plumbing & electrical fittings and many other items you need close at hand for your work. They reduce the need for heavy nail bags which can be hot and sweaty to wear in summer weather.
Heavy Worker Shorts also have pockets on the side to carry tools much like cargo shorts. You can slip a utility knife, screwdriver, pliers or a multitude of tools in the side pockets and the right hand hammer loop will keep your thumper where you need it.

Also, did I mention the Extra Strength Cordura Reinforcements on the seat? These work shorts last much longer than typical shorts when performing heavy work.heavy duty work shorts

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