Alpha Aggressive Steel Toe Work Boots

steel toe rubber bootsWorking around chemicals is hard on your feet and footwear.  Most work boots are not designed to handle many of the hazardous materials that people need to work around, which can wind up costing a lot of money when they need to be replaced. The Alpha Aggressive Steel Toe Work Boots are specially designed with safety, comfort, and chemical resistance at the forefront.  Using state of the art Vibram® outsole, the ASTM F2413-05/75 C/75 EH certified steel toe, and 3.5 mm neoprene one can rest easy knowing that these boots will stand up to the trials and tests of daily work.

Proper fitting is important, especially in a work boot.  If boots don’t fit properly, it can add up into more issues for the wearer than just some discomfort.  The Alpha Aggressive Steel Toe Work Boots assures the worker’s comfort by using  and the back gusset will allow the boots to fit any calf size.  With the tough exterior they will also be kind to your feet with the EVA foot bed and by utilizing special ankle-fit technology.  The ankle-fit technology narrows the ankle area of the boot which allows for less chafing and far superior comfort not typically found in similar boots.

By using many technologies, the Alpha Aggressive Steel Toe Work Boots will be a long-lasting and important part of work life, they are created for comfort and durability that can be lacking from many similar boots.  The Alpha Aggressive Steel Toe Work Boots will last and offer heavy-duty service for the worker who works around many of the hazardous chemicals that is necessary for daily life.


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