Which Generator is Best for You?

One of the effects of hurricane Sandy and other recent natural disasters has been the increase in sales figures for generators. Many in the construction trades have purchased generators in the past but recent economic history had seen some who could really use one not buy due to price and uncertainty of future jobs requiring one. portable generator

This uncertainty seems to have been overcome by the problems related to Hurricane Sandy.  The generator sales at Generac, a Waukesha Wisconsin portable generator manufacturer, had increased by about 26% in the last quarter of 2012.    An article in the New York Times in January of 2013 called the generator the “machine of the moment” in New York City.

There are many different generators available but buying the best one requires some thought.  If you are buying a generator there are four types to consider: portable, standby,

Power takeoff and RV generators. 

• Power take off generators are used a lot by farmers that link up a tractor engine to the generator, which is really an alternator, to give power to other appliances. 

• The RV generator is a large power supplier that can give an RV electricity for days at a time. 

• Portable generators are very popular with contractors.  These provide power tools with electricity supplied by burning gasoline or propane.

The standby generator may also be good for this group if you have a shop that depends on a lot of electricity.  With a standby generator the backup power is waiting for you whenever your primary source is cut off. They are fueled by natural gas and propane.

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