The Importance of Injury and Illness Prevention

OSHA has recently published a white paper on their website that is very revealing about the effectiveness of voluntary and mandatory Injury and Illness prevention programs. They report is based on information collected from the time that OSHA was first established 40 years ago. OSHA states that since the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed deaths and injuries on the job have decreased by 60%.


In their report on these programs last year OSHA states that 4,500 workers (12 a day) suffer a fatal injury on the job in the U.S. OSHA also reports that the direct cost of workplace injuries in 2008 alone amounted to more than one billion dollars a week.  This astounding figure doesn’t even factor in additional costs incurred as a result of these accidents.  Training new employees to replace the injured workers, additional administration costs and possible overtime needed to cover for the work stoppage can all cost a company money after an injury.


They go on to compare states that have mandatory worker safety programs and those that offer discounts for workers compensation premiums if they implement risk management studies.  All of these states have seen a reduction in injuries and fatalities. There is plenty of information on the OSHA website on how companies can become more involved in these programs that save money for employers and help keep employees working and safe.


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