Radon Testing and Ventilation Should not Stop after January

The EPA had declared January as National Radon Action month but regular checks for radon should not stop when February begins. The EPA website has valuable information on this silent killer which is responsible for over 20,000 lung cancer deaths for non-smokers each year.  Radon testing kits are currently available at a reduced price through Kansas State University by using the form found here.


This is also a way for HAVC professionals to offer something more to their customers in addition to simple repairs or new installations. Some states have proficiency requirements for getting on the state radon contact list. There are two National Proficiency programs available to help qualify a contractor for a proficiency rating – these programs can be accessed through the EPA here


If radon is found at a high concentration there are ways to vent it to the outside. The usual way is to use a pipe and a fan to take the radon from under the house and vent it to the outside. This is where the professional contractor can come in and help the consumer by offering a professional ventilation solution to this potential health hazard.


Mitigation equipment by the Tjernlund Company has been featured recently on the Extreme How To website in part due to the January Radon Action month designation.  This company has systems to vent radon from crawlspaces or through a roof to create the safest environment in just about any situation.


HVAC equipment used for this and other ventilation projects can be bulky and hard to maneuver to an installation site. Visit our website and take a look at all of the Troll Bridge products we have to offer.  A piece of equipment like the Troll Bridge 2722 can easily handle large and bulky equipment making these types of jobs safer and easier for your employees.

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