New Ways to Find Customers

The building contractor can find a lot of work remodeling homes and building new ones with their years of experience as a main selling point when offering an estimate. There are always new things to learn and there is a new kind of home building that may lead to some additional work.

The Green Building Advisor has offered many articles in the past on Passivhaus construction. This form of construction that started in Austria in the seventies has a lot of regulation surrounding it and that may be intimidating.  Intimidation aside though this type of construction could certainly be lucrative for contractors in the US who are looking for additional work as more traditional building projects have dropped off.

The Passive House Institute of the U.S. is offering classes to those interested in exploring this method of construction. It is a four day training program focusing not only on carpentry subjects like windows and building envelope but HVAC systems and even how to offer a bid on this kind of work.  If you have any interest you can visit this page for more information.

Showing new ideas to potential clients may be all you need to get work so this can be time well spent for you or someone in your organization. With the continuing of tax breaks for more efficient furnaces and hot water heaters passing earlier this year it seems that some green building knowledge will be essential to meeting the competition head on.

Regardless what type of project you are on you need the right tools to get the job done.   At Contractors solutions we have the tools and accessories necessary to make any job, green or otherwise, go smoothly. Visit our website and take a look at our tool carrying options like the Ergodyne Arsenal 5485, which is perfect for plumbers and carpenters. This handy accessory has a rigid frame and an open top for easy access to all your tools, making life on any jobsite easier.

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