Housing Starts are Up but Jobs Still Lag Behind

When it was reported last year that housing starts jumped there was a chart published on Mother Jones  which showed that as starts increased the actual number of construction jobs for the most part decreased. Now it is only one chart but good news certainly doesn’t seem to have reached Main Street the way many contractors would like. An article accompanying the chart focused on some ways that the job count didn’t measure up.


One theory had it that the contractors who do the finishing work weren’t working yet. Apparently framers and drywall contractors aren’t that important in starting a house (at least according to that theory) and apparently you don’t need that many, even when housing starts double.


Another reason put out was that many of these starts were actually apartment buildings and fewer workers are needed in this type of work. That theory was shot down by another chart that did show many single homes were started too.


Yet another theory could be that when things have been slow job estimates are kept lower by making do with less employees. That is the nature of the business at the ground level. Charts can give you an overview but a nice increase after years of waiting isn’t going to have contractors hiring a lot of new men just because of a bump in housing starts.


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