Bosch Brushless Motor will Deliver More Power for a Longer Time

The new Bosch 18v Multi-X oscillating tool that will be available in the U.S. this August has a real time saving feature. Their new, brushless motor will be 30% stronger and its run time will be increased by 65%.   Drill HolderIn addition there is a design feature in the optional 4.0ah battery that takes heat away from the inside of the ion battery.  This should give the battery a longer life and it will last up to 55% longer than the battery that they include.  Longer lasting life and a cooler battery to work with is always a plus. The different attachments for this tool that you can use for sanding, scraping, grout removal, etc. need no screwdriver or wrench to remove also making for a quicker use time. Tool Rank has mentioned that there is a drawback as you have to buy this as a tool kit and the 4.0 battery and charger will cost about $99.00 extra when bought separately. Still the additional power and much longer lasting life of either battery is an improvement to the Bosch 12v tool. This is a small tool that can fit into some small places and the grip is ergonomically designed for your comfort which is another plus. The speeds available are from 8,000 to 20,000 rpm so it is both versatile and powerful despite its small size. Characteristics like durability, longevity and comfort are always good features for any purchase in the construction trades. At Contractor’s Solutions we have many products that fit that bill including our line of American Heritage Sport Hiker work shoes. These shoes are comfortable and, with features like the safety toe, slip resistance and electric shock prevention, every bit as good out in the wild as they are on the job site. Or consider our drill holder tool belt to keep your gear accessible while you are working.

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