A Warmer Drier Summer is Predicted

The Farmer’s Almanac website has gone on record saying the weather for the summer and fall will be drier and warmer than normal. They usually have the best record for long range predictions so we may as well be prepared. One thing is sure when there are heat waves you’ll want to be able to turn to an air conditioning system that can take the edge off those summer melt down days.

Heavy Duty Work Shorts

There is some tax incentive money still available to those who improve their central air conditioning system. A new unit with a more energy efficient rating than your present one could garner a $300 credit – the same goes for an air to air heat pump.

You can check these credits at the Energy Star website and you should also look for any state credits as well.  As those in the HVAC industry can tell you -make sure you get the Manufacturers Certification Statement that will prove the unit purchased qualifies for the tax credit. There are some requirements, mostly related to the efficiency rating of the product, that must be met in order to receive the credit. The geothermal heat pump that uses the ground may have 30% of the price credited. That is because they are the more efficient – but they are also more expensive that regular central air conditioning. They do use renewable energy from the ground but they still need electricity to work so you will have to take that expense into consideration when making your decision (or sales pitch).

Working in the summer in the construction trades means you’ll want some well-made shorts to keep you cool especially in those houses where the air conditioning isn’t installed yet.  Visit Contractors Solutions and check our full range of work shorts.  If you want light or heavy duty shorts, with or without utility pockets, we have the best selection available and all at great prices.

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