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Steel isn’t Always the only Answer

The township of North Las Vegas had a problem – they were repainting the floor of a large water tank at their airport when structural damage was found. The cost of replacing the floor with steel and the time needed were prohibitive and they needed a solution. That solution came in the form of a […]

Improving the Safety Features of the Hard Hat takes an Interesting Turn

A research team at Virginia Tech has received recognition for their work with a special construction helmet. They received an award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for their research paper describing their work in detecting carbon monoxide poisoning on the job site using a computer equipped hard hat. The computer is […]

Let OSHA Help You Keep your Employees Safe

The construction trades may seem like a target for OSHA scrutiny, but these jobs do have many serious accidents. OSHA has training classes for mangers and foremen to attend and -although time consuming- the number of man-hours possibly saved (along with fines avoided) make these an important help to any company. Online training is also […]

Is the Bridge Safe – Why don’t you Ask it?

The 2007 collapse of the Minneapolis Bridge had many asking about the inspection procedures in place and how something like this can happen to a supposedly well designed bridge. The answer to preventing future disasters like this one may lie in research being done at The University of Adelaide in Australia. Dr. Alex Ng and […]

Maybe You Should ask your Surety Bond Agent for his Financial Information

Contractors want to get the job done and they take pride in getting the price down to meet the customer’s needs while still being able to finish on time. The contractor who may be a first time completion bond client has always had to supply a lot of necessary financial information to the surety agent.  […]

Finding the Right Talent Requires the Right Strategy

The way to find the best person for a job has changed. It still helps your company if you let employees you trust know that a position may be opening up. Promotion of an employee still means you have to find a new employee for his old position though and the old standby of advertising […]

OSHA Sets its Sights on Isocyanates

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has implemented a National Emphasis Program to reduce the incidence of health problems on the job related to exposure to isocyanates. These substances are found in paint, varnishes, foam padding and spray foam insulation to name a few. They can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and bring on occupational […]

Surety Bonds Are Harder to Get but more Important than Ever

Applying for a bond from your insurance agent or Surety specialist can be a burden – getting the necessary paperwork to them can tie up a good portion of your day. The current climate in the construction industry however makes getting a bond for your company or requiring a performance bond from a subcontractor more […]

Why You Need the Right Safety Toe Shoes for Your Job

It is important to be sure you’re wearing the right kind of shoes that will allow you to do your job well, and keep your feet protected.  For those reasons, most companies who work with heavy equipment, or where the risk of injury is great, require their employees to wear steel toed shoes. Safety First […]

Negotiate from a Strong Position

The summer is here and soon it will be time for the 2014 trucks and cars to hit the market.  If you are in the market for a new or used truck there has never been a time more advantageous to the buyer. One reason is the market is not really booming and the other […]

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